Synergi Pledge Makers Progress Report No: 2 Publication date: Tuesday 22nd November 2021

Welcome to the Synergi National Pledge Alliance

The Synergi National Pledge Alliance was launched at its inaugural virtual Symposium on Thursday 25th November 2021 to mobilise mental health leaders to collaborate, show leadership and be accountable to eradicate ‘unacceptable’ ethnic inequalities in mental health systems. 

Spearheaded by the Synergi Collaborative Centre and senior leaders who signed the UK’s first National Pledge to reduce ethnic inequalities in mental health systems, the Alliance has been established to respond proactively to the lack of progress, over six decades, on tackling ethnic inequalities for people diagnosed with a severe mental illness. 

Inspired by Pledge commitment 4, for signatories to ‘provide national leadership on this critical issue’, the Alliance has garnered the support of 28 senior leaders in NHS and public sector mental health care in Birmingham, London, Greater Manchester and Leeds. 

Also backed by the Chair of the NHS Race and Health Observatory Marie Gabriel CBE, the Alliance aims are listed below.

The enduring statistics indicate the urgency for change. Compared with White people, Black people are: 

The Alliance’s formation is an acknowledgement that in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, the Black Lives Matter worldwide protests and the ethnic inequalities exacerbated by Covid-19, that ‘this is a moment of accountability’ and a much-needed leadership challenge to be met.

Join us to be part of what is a growing movement of collaborative leadership. Help us shift not only the narrative, but the experience and outcomes that have, for decades, caused ethnic minority people harm, to one that is inclusive, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, authentic and generates sustainable models of change.

‘Synergi is committed to transforming the narrative and experience for ethnic minority people with lived experience of severe mental distress. We know the statistics. They remain etched in our memory banks because they are persistent, unchanging and unacceptable. We are talking about real people and real lives, not just data. We have to move beyond just documenting ethnic inequalities and be accountable for visible and long-lasting change.

Joy Francis, Co-Director, Synergi Collaborative Centre, Pledge Lead and Synergi National Pledge Alliance Co-Founder